How to Keep Your Skin Glowing Through Autumn

Temperatures are finally starting to drop throughout the country. And while that’s good news for anyone who’s had enough of the heat (a.k.a. all of us), it can wreak havoc on your skin. It’s not that autumn is bad per se: It’s the change in weather that’s the real culprit. We’ve got some autumn skin care tips to keep you looking your best on and off the track.

Cover up. Yes, we know: Everyone says to use sunscreen during the summer because it’s when the sun it at its most potent.

However, there’s a good argument for being even more vigilant during autumn: People tend to forget that the sun’s rays are still present and still damaging to your skin even when the weather is cool and it’s overcast.

Don’t even think about relying on the SPF in your makeup. Layering protection is great, but your bastion should still be a dedicated sunscreen.

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Put away the gels and bring out the creams and oils. This goes for both cleansers and moisturisers. During dryer months, your skin is more sensitive, so it would make sense to stick with gentler cleansers that moisturise at the same time. These would have been too heavy for the summer months, so now is the time to use them.

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At least for night time, you’ll need to use a heavier cream on your face. It does a better job of sealing in moisture while you sleep. At the same time, your skin is better able to tolerate the richness precisely because the air is dryer and colder.

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Exfoliate, but gently. The colder weather slows down the skin’s shedding process, so you’ll need to help this along to avoid buildup. Not only will your skin look less dull, you’ll also avoid breakouts.

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This Gentle Perfecting Exfoliant from Red Earth does not contain beads, but does contain soothing aloe vera

Peel. You probably have more freckles right now. They’re cute, but don’t be fooled: They’re actually signs of sun damage. Retin-A helps regularise and speed up cell turnover, which in plain English means you always have your freshest skin right on the surface.

Besides perpetually looking fresh and dewy, it also smooths out fine lines and keeps them at bay for longer.

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RoC Retinol Deep Wrinkle Serum is light and silky but packed with anti-aging punch

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