About Face: Makeup Looks for the Track

Spring Racing Carnival makeup, just like spring racing fashion in general, is all about the nudes and the brights. A good rule of thumb to follow is that if you’re wearing something particularly attention-grabbing, downplay your makeup so as not to have your face and your clothes compete for attention. If you’re wearing something mostly nude or white, then by all means play up the colour!

Here are two makeup looks to try.

Makeup Look 1: Nude

If you are choosing to wear a colourful outfit, why not pull back your makeup and let your outfit shine!

As always, you must start with a perfect base to achieve a flawless look. Prepping your skin is vital before beginning the actual application of your make up. 

Here’s how to achieve this look:

Makeup | Spring Racing Carnival 2016 | Track Mode | 1

1) Moisturise the face and neck, but do not moisturise your eyelids.

2) Apply primer to the t-zone area — this is the oiliest area of the face so you want to create a barrier between the makeup-eating oils and your makeup! This is how you get your makeup to stay on the whole day.

3) Sunscreen is next. This is vital to avoid skin damage, so always use a facial sunscreen on your face, neck and décolletage

4) Foundation is next — blend down through your neck and up behind your ears so there are no finishing lines. Apply foundation over your lids also.

5) Eye primers are a necessity when you need your eye makeup looking perfect all day long (like we did with the t-zone). Apply this to your eyelids and then powder.

6) Wash a nude colour over your entire lid up to your socket line and then blend upwards toward your brows. Using a colour about 3 shades darker than the nude colour, deepen the outer corner and blend inwards — keep this colour within the socket line. Continue this colour on the outer edges of your bottom lashes.  Using a gel liner, apply a thin line along your top lashes and apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes. I always use a water/smudge proof black mascara when applying an “all day” makeup.

7) Using a brow shadow, fill in and shape your brows with a fine angle brush and use gentle upward strokes.

8) Contour cheeks, drawing an imaginary line from the top of the ear to the outer corner of the mouth. When blending this, use upwards strokes away from the centre of your face.

Makeup | Spring Racing Carnival 2016 | Track Mode | 2

9) Apply a nude tone blush to the apples of your cheeks and once again, blend outwards. Finally, chose a lip pencil as close as possible to your lips’ natural colour, outline and fill in your entire lip area with the pencil. Now go over the top with a neutral-coloured lipstick or gloss.

Makeup | Spring Racing Carnival 2016 | Track Mode | 3

Makeup Look 2: Bright Lip

1) If you want a pop of colour in your makeup but don’t want to overdo it, using a bright lip is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. Make sure you stay on top of re-application during the day, though!

2) Prepare your skin and apply foundation, etc. the same as with the nude look.

3) Wash a nude tone eyeshadow over your entire lid and blend upwards and outwards.

4) Using a gel liner, apply along the lash line, continuing just past the outer corner to give a soft cat eye effect.

5) Apply mascara on top and bottom lashes.

6) Enhance eyebrows as in step 7 above.

7) Contour and apply blush as in step 8.

8) Choose a lip liner and brightly coloured lipstick. Apply liner to the entire lip area and then finish with your chosen lipstick or gloss.

Makeup | Spring Racing Carnival 2016 | Track Mode | 4

9) For a more dramatic effect, using a liquid eyeliner, draw a thicker line over the entire upper lash bed first. Then, imagining a line from your nostril to the outer corner of your eye, complete a cat-eye flick, starting from the end point of the flick and drawing down towards the outer corner of your eye.

Makeup | Spring Racing Carnival 2016 | Track Mode | 5

Remember you can always remove makeup if you don’t like what you’ve done so have some fun and go for it!

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