How to Win Fashions on the Field, According to Tam Wrigley

TV presenter Tam Wrigley knows what she’s talking about when it comes to spring racing dresses. After all, the iStyle TV star and host of The Wine O’Clock Show has been judging Fashions on the Field for four years. Here, she tells us all about what it takes to win the style stakes.

How to Win Fashions on the Field, According to Tam Wrigley | Track Mode | what to wear to the races

Photo supplied by Tam Wrigley

Who are your favourites when it comes to dressing for the races and why?

I always love Jodi Gordon’s style when it comes to the races. Jodi always stays on trend with fashion and always chooses great lines for her body shape.

What are the most common racing fashion mistakes you see?

The most common is that some people don’t dress for “the season” when it comes to Fashions on the Field. Winter is all about the length of the dress, gloves, hosiery and the heavier fabrics, whereas spring and summer should be dress just above the knee, fun/flirty designs and colour! One of my biggest rules is, if you would wear it or see it in a nightclub, then you wouldn’t wear it to FOTF.

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to keep my style on trend with the current season looks. I love a well-tailored dress with lines that flatter a woman’s body. I like to keep fashionable, but when I am at home I am very much a leggings, jumper and a pair of Converse kind of person.

Who are your go-to designers?

I absolutely love Alex Perry, that man knows a woman’s body. I also like Wayne Cooper and Carla Zampatti.

Who are your favourite milliners?

I have a fantastic milliner called Hats by Sandy A. Sandy Aslett is one of the country’s leading milliners. She returned from 2015 Dubai World Cup as one of 8 international milliners invited to exhibit their millinery pieces.

What is a dream race day outfit for you if you were dressing yourself?

Something fabulous of course! Maticevski dress, Hats by Sandy A to make my stunning millinery piece, shoes would be Christian Louboutin and clutch would be Louis Vuitton.

What’s your favourite thing about Spring Racing Carnival?

All the fashion, all the colour and all the fun of frocking up for a day at the races.

Does any racing outfit become so memorable to you that you still remember it years after?

I think there is always a standout outfit at every FOTF event. The ones I love, are the ones that have an amazing story behind the design and the inspiration of how they put their outfit together.

How to Win Fashions on the Field, According to Tam Wrigley | Track Mode | what to wear to the races

Photo supplied by Tam Wrigley

What do you look for in a winning Fashions on the Field outfit?

It’s got to be the whole package. From top to toe. I look for well-crafted millinery pieces, the cut and design of the outfit, accessories, clutches/bags right down to shoes. I even look at hairstyling. The way you decide to wear your hair on the day could make or break an outfit.

What’s your advice to the ladies wanting to enter (and win!) this year’s Fashions on the Field?

Think about your whole outfit, not just the clothing. Look at what’s trending and try and adapt that to your look. Your outfit should flow from your designer headwear right down to what shoes you put on your feet. Don’t overkill your look with too many accessories. If your dress is a statement piece then tone down the accessories and make it all about the dress.

Remember it is the races, so etiquette should always be in the forefront of your mind.

Where will we spot you this racing season?

I get so many invitations to the Spring Racing Carnival, I wish I could attend them all, LOL.

I have been invited by Myer to attend one of their functions so I may be in Melbourne or alternatively, I have also been asked to run the entire FOTF event for The Sunshine Coast Turf Club, so that is also an option for me.

How to Win Fashions on the Field, According to Tam Wrigley | Track Mode | what to wear to the races

Photo supplied by Tam Wrigley

This interview has been slightly edited for clarity.

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