Sarah Jane Young on Motherhood and Women on the Internet

We had a lovely chat with the super popular young mum, blogger, and style influencer Sarah Jane Young. I have to confess that when I first reached out, I thought that this was going to be a bit of a moonshot. It was therefore a pleasant surprise to find out that Sarah Jane Young is every bit as approachable and relatable as she seems to be on her blog.

Here, Sarah shares with us her daily routine, what she knows about women on the Internet, and of course, her personal style icons.

What made you decide to start blogging? 

I really didn’t know anything about blogging, nor did I start my blog with any intention to do it as a full-time job. I wasn’t fulfilled in my job at the time and had previously completed an internship in the beauty department at Grazia Magazine, London. I love to write, talking about beauty and fashion all day long, experiment with my photographic skills, and so She is, Sarah Jane was born!

Sarah Jane Young Spring Racing Carnival 2016 | Track Mode Horse Racing and Fashion

Image supplied by Sarah Jane Young

“I have seen the best and the worst sides of women.”

I will say in my 15 months’ experience of motherhood so far (both online and in person), I have seen the best and the worst sides of women. While social media for the most part is a fantastic tool that connects and inspires so many like-minded people, it’s also made it much easier for cowards to hind behind their nasty comments/judgements – ones I highly doubt they would ever say to someone’s face.

While at the end of the day all that matters to me is my family, friends and happiness, I would be lying if I said some comments didn’t get to me.

What are the best things you’ve learned so far from other women and mothers? 

That you are never, ever, alone on this journey.

Sarah Jane Young Spring Racing Carnival 2016 | Track Mode Horse Racing and Fashion

With baby Mia. Image supplied by Sarah Jane Young

You seem to live such a beautifully curated life. Is there any part of you at all that’s not pretty? What are the things that readers don’t usually see? 

You tell me?!! I appreciate beautiful things and beautiful imagery, but my online journey is no different to anyone else’s, I just choose to share it through a great lens!

Where do you get all your energy? 

I have no idea, but I call it ‘mumergy’! I definitely have my ‘good’ and ‘bad’ days, so I just try to get as much done when it’s a ‘good’ day! Oh, and writing detailed lists – I love planning out my days and week and working backwards with deadlines (although this doesn’t always go to plan either!).

I think all women surprise themselves after having a child with just how capable they really are, even when it seems all too hard at times.

What does a typical day look like for you? 

I am very lucky to have a wonderful husband who gets up our daughter every morning at 7am and spends 30 minutes playing with her while I roll out of bed, check my Instagram (!!!), emails or shower! He then drives to buy me a freshly brewed coffee every morning and drops it home and says goodbye to his girls – it’s a great way to start each day.

I then get Mia’s breakfast ready with mummy’s TV husband (Karl Stefanovic!) reading us the news! We then clean up, have some play time and head back off to bed around 9:15 am. Mia has always been an awesome day sleeper and I depend on this to meet my deadlines.

Once she is down, I head into my office (in my PJ’s!) and try to get 1.5-2 hours of work done. I then race around and prep a snack, clean, put the washing on, maybe brush my hair and put some make-up on and then we might head out for a walk, to the supermarket or an activity.

After lunch Mia has her afternoon nap and I try to get some more work done and finish the housework. In the afternoons I try to head out to run errands, catch up with friends or go to the playground as my cabin fever is well and truly setting in!

I then prep her dinner and ours, with the help of The Wiggles or every single kitchen cupboard and draw! Mia’s daddy is home every night to bath her and puts her down to bed at 7 pm. We then like to watch the news, shower and get in our PJs.

Some nights I will lock myself in my office until midnight and others I am like a brain-dead sardine glued to the couch! I’m tired just writing this, ha!

I imagine that time to yourself is a rare commodity these days. What do you do when you do get it? 

I really don’t know – but this question clearly proves I should probably pencil in some me-time! I do miss being able to go on long walks/runs (sans a pram!) and sleep-in, of course! My mummy me-time consists mainly of work or having a quiet and undisturbed bath post-baby bedtime

Are you one of those people who think that there’s no such thing as a work-life balance? What is your take on this? 

I wouldn’t say it doesn’t exist, but I think it’s absolutely a work in progress (forever!). Everything is possible, just not all at once – in my experience. I’ve tried to allocate set times in the day/week where it’s 100% mummy and Mia time, and then pump through my work while she sleeps. I won’t lie, it’s bloody hard work!

Sarah Jane Young Spring Racing Carnival 2016 | Track Mode Horse Racing and Fashion

With baby Mia. Image supplied by Sarah Jane Young

How would you describe your personal style? 

Is pink an adjective?!!

Who are your style icons, especially with regard to racing fashion? 

I don’t really have one/any – but with regards to fashion, general style, poise etc., it has to be my all-time fave #girlcrush, Georgina Chapman (co-designer of Marchesa). She always looks elegant, feminine and modern. She also doesn’t often wear very much jewellery and I am the same – there’s more to an overall look/outfit than just what you’ve got on. It’s also about your hair, make-up and attitude

Who are your go-to designers for racing fashion? 

Self Portrait, Narciso Rodriguez, Marissa Webb & Zimmermann

Who are your favourite milliners? 

Jill Humphries (Jill & Jack) and Carla Murley (Murley & Co Millinery)

“I work backwards from whatever millinery design I am wearing – this should always be the hero and starting point for your outfit and accessories.”

Please describe/break down a dream outfit for a race meeting.

It’s hard to say, but I work backwards from whatever millinery design I am wearing – this should always be the hero and starting point for your outfit and accessories.

What’s your favourite thing about Spring Racing Carnival? 

Wearing the millinery! I am a traditionalist at heart, so wearing a gorgeous hat or headpiece is a treat! I am not a fan of those who choose not to wear one – it’s what its all about (off-track of course).

This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity. 

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