Sarah Jane Young Has an Important Question to Ask

We asked Sarah Jane Young if there’s any part of her at all that isn’t pretty, because you have to ask. If you’re a fan of her blog and follow her on social media, you start wondering quite a bit how every facet of her life just seems to be so beautifully curated.

Sarah Jane Young Has an Important Question to Ask | Track Mode Horse Racing and Fashion | Spring Racing Carnival 2016

Sarah Jane and little Mia Grace. Image: Sarah Jane Young

I appreciate beautiful things and beautiful imagery, but my online journey is no different to anyone else’s, I just choose to share it through a great lens!” Okay, Sarah. 

Seriously though, it’s easy to see how this young mummy’s popularity practically exploded overnight. Sarah is not only absolutely gorgeous, she’s also intelligent and articulate, and it shows in every painstakingly crafted blog post. Not only that, but she is also relatable on a very important matter.

When asked what she does with the rare moments that she has time to herself, she said, “I really don’t know – but this question clearly proves I should probably pencil in some me-time! I do miss being able to go on long walks/runs (sans a pram!) and sleep-in, of course! My mummy me-time consists mainly of work or having a quiet and undisturbed bath post-baby bedtime.”

It’s a dilemma that’s all too common with us working mothers, and it’s nice to see that we’re not alone with our struggles. 

Speaking of struggles, spring racing carnival is just around the corner, so of course we had to know what Sarah might be wearing to the races. Her go-to designers include Self Portrait, Narciso Rodriguez, Marissa Webb, & Zimmermann. 

And milliners? “Jill Humphries (Jill & Jack) and Carla Murley  (Murley & Co Millinery).”

How would Sarah describe her personal style? “Is pink an adjective?!!”

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