Katelyn Mallyon Hopes to Ride in the Caulfield Cup

Track Mode caught up with rising track star Katelyn Mallyon recently, and she told us about how she’s preparing for the coming Spring Carnival. “I’ll have a short break over in winter before the spring starts pumping up. I’m hoping with the great support I do have I’m able to pick up good rides in big races over the spring.”

Katelyn Mallyon Hopes to Ride in the Caulfield Cup | Track Mode

Image: Magic Millions

But the one race that’s really close to her heart? “I’d love to have a ride in the Caulfield Cup. It’s a race that’s meant a lot for me and family.” Katelyn was referring to her grandfather Mick Mallyon, who won the cup three times.

Katelyn shot to fame after becoming the first female to win the Victorian Apprentices title twice. She isn’t her resting on laurels, however. After recently transitioning to become a senior jockey, her days are busier than ever.

“I try and ride work every day for different trainers that are willing to support me with rides. I usually wake up around 4 am and head off to track work until 7 am. I ride around 4-6 days a week.”

Besides racing, Katelyn is also hard at work being a model. “Lucky enough for me, I do what I love and I’m able to also model every Spring and Autumn Carnival for Racing Victoria VRC and MRC.”

Katelyn Mallyon Hopes to Ride in the Caulfield Cup | Track Mode

Katelyn Mallyon certainly scrubs up well. Image: David Caird

We also asked her if she ever regrets turning down an offer to be a model in the US, where she could now be hanging out with models-of-the-moment Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. “When I look back on it, of course I’d love to be friends with them, but the friends I have made in this job are amazing.”

Perhaps even more important, Katelyn thinks the future for women in racing is looking much brighter, and she’s definitely doing her part. “I try and help anyone that wants to be helped. My advice would be to start them off riding horses in a riding school where they can have fun and learn from the start as to how it all works.”

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