Races, Dresses, and Hats: the Best of Royal Ascot Ladies Day 2016

Britain’s most famous race meeting always promises to be a treat for the eyes, and it never disappoints. Royal Ascot Ladies Day, in particular, proved to be incredibly interesting. Everyone came in their best race day dresses and hats, armed to the teeth in either high-fashion labels or highly creative pieces of art.

Some wore the predictably safe pastels with the familiar silhouettes, the best-known labels, designed for mass appeal and approval.

There was also plenty of flora and fauna. Delicate pink-and-white flowers reminiscent of spring, bold red blossoms, and orange blooms. Some proudly displayed horses on their hats. Some proudly displayed puppies … the sweater kind.

Others, of course, came with a style all their own, unlike most of the familiar things we see — and they blew everyone out of the water. There was the mix of tough and elegant, with the gold-and-white dress, nose piercings, and shoulders bared to show tattoos. There was the one with the fabulous feather headpiece that made her look ten feet tall, with a thigh-high slit that made her legs go on for days, ending in the sandals with gold leaves.

Oh, yes. There was also the one whose entire dress and headpiece seemed made out of candy wrappers — you’ll just have to see it to believe.

Roll up your sleeves, ladies, and let’s dig into the very best of Royal Ascot Ladies Day 2016.

[unitegallery RoyalAscotLadiesDay2016]

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