Race Day Fashion: the Best of Epsom Derby 2016 Ladies Day

It was a cloudy Friday at the Epsom Downs Racecourse in Surrey, England. Of course, that did little to dampen the brilliant festivities on the ground. Ladies flocked the lawns clad in their best finery, ready to party it up and have fun. It was truly a sight to behold, with gorgeous dresses, hats, and fascinators aplenty, representing the best of race day fashion.

In case you didn’t know, the Epsom Derby is actually the original derby. In fact, it also goes by the name The Derby (shortened from “The Derby in Epsom”), and has since graciously lent its name to several other horse races. The Derby is the most prestigious of the five Classics, the richest horse race in Britain, and is also called “The Greatest Flat Race in the World.”

Livening up the festivities even more was the presence of Her Majesty the Queen: Epsom Derby is one of the few races she attends beside the Royal Ascot. This year, however, is extra special as she presented the Derby trophy for the first time in her reign, as part of the celebrations for her 90th birthday.

I must say, being the Queen has its perks. Some people have birthdays, some have birthday weeks, but Queen Elizabeth II has a birthday year. Let it never be said that Her Majesty doesn’t know how to party.

Speaking of which, how exactly did the Queen do for a race day outfit? Quite well, thank you. She wore a floral dress, a powder blue coat, and a white hat with blue trim. Accessories? Pearls and a real, live prince. That last part is hard to beat, I know, but like I said: royalty has its perks.

The race day outfits at Epsom may well be considered a precursor of things to come at the Royal Ascot. If you think it’s great now, wait until you see the outfits at the most famous race meeting in the world (which I did a fashion edit for, by the way). Enough chat – here, without further ado, is the best of the 2016 Epsom Derby Ladies Day. 

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