Luxurious, Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Gasp! It’s the day before Mother’s Day, and you still don’t have a present for your mum? For shame. I’m kidding. I know you’re busy, so I’ve thrown together a list of the most luxurious, last-minute mother’s day gift ideas to spoil the most important woman in your life. Trust me, she’s going to love these.

Personalised Prada Shoes

Personalised Prada Micro Soles | Luxurious, Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Track Mode by Nina

Endless opportunities for personalisation. Image: Prada

Prada shoes are special enough, but the Prada Micro Sole is quite iconic. The stacked, colourful wing-tipped brogues have become standard uniform for preppy fashionistas all over the world. What could be better?

Well, you can now personalise your pair. There are 29 colours in the one-tone models, and three styles to choose from among the three-tone models. On top of that (or underneath, we should say), you can pick from six sole colours.

The personalisation doesn’t stop there, because you can have mum’s initials stamped in the insole right next to the logo. This will be in gold, natch. As far as mother’s day ideas go, this is a real winner.

You and mum can pop by Prada’s Sydney Westfield store until tomorrow the 8th of May. After that, head over to the Melbourne Collins Street branch from the 12th until the 15th, and then Auckland’s Queen Street from the 26th to the 29th.

La Prairie Caviar Legends

La Prairie Caviar Legends | Luxurious, Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Track Mode by Nina

This is how you make up for the wrinkles you caused. Image: La Prairie Australia

Mothers have legendary amounts of love and patience (I’m sure you know this from personal experience), and so they deserve nothing less than the absolute best.

La Prairie’s Caviar Legends is made up of the holy trinity of the Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, Skin Caviar Liquid Lift, and the Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Lift Cream. I’ve previously discussed why this skincare line has been around for so long: it just works. Excellently.

Definitely pick this up if you want to show how much you care for your mum (and her skin). It might just make up for all the wrinkles you’ve caused.

Apple Watch Hermès

Apple Watch Hermès | Luxurious, Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Track Mode by Nina

Elegant and contemporary at the same time. Image: Apple Australia

There’s no reason why cutting-edge technology and timeless craftsmanship shouldn’t come together in an elegant timepiece. In fact, that’s exactly what Apple, contemporary purveyors of well-designed machines, and Hermès, one of the most well-regarded French artisans of fashion, have done here.

The classic watch face is exclusively created for this watch. The case is made of stainless steel, and it comes with leather bands handmade by craftsmen in France. And because Apple is the master of experience, even the packaging is impeccable: it comes in the iconic orange Hermès box with brown edging. Just beautiful.

The Double Tour is particularly noteworthy: it wraps twice around the wrist, and is elegant and edgy at the same time.

Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir Deluxe Candle

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Deluxe Candle | Luxurious, Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Track Mode by Nina

Me time just got so much better. Image: Jo Malone

One thing that makes being a mother such hard work is the intensive amounts of time needed to properly care for children. If you have kids yourself, you’ll know that one of the mother’s day gifts you’ll really treasure (and one that money can’t buy) is time for yourself.

Help your mum make the best of me-time, whether she’s soaking in the tub or just settling in a comfortable chair for an hour of reading. The Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir is a heady, relaxing bouquet of pomegranate and raspberry, Casablanca lily, warm guaiac wood, and amber.

Tip: why not make her breakfast in bed? Just make sure that all the banging in the kitchen doesn’t wake her up. After that, leave her alone while you take care of the chores around the house. As last-minute mother’s day gift ideas go, this is one that goes straight to the top of the luxurious list.

Get this at David Jones or eBay.

Nespresso Lattissima +

Nespresso Lattissima + | Luxurious, Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Track Mode by Nina

Waking up won’t be such a chore anymore. Image: Nespresso Australia

Speaking of breakfast in bed, make sure you pick this up for the ultimate cappuccino with extra-frothy milk on top. Or, you know, maybe mum prefers espresso or a latte macchiato. It’s not a problem, because you can make any of that at the touch of a button.

Get the one in Passion Red — it’s an extra boost to help perking up in the mornings.

Want to help mum (and yourself) relax better? Read about Pia’s five stretches to help your posture and lower back.

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