Just as autumn is the perfect excuse to cozy up in heavier coats and jackets, it’s also the perfect time to try out richer moisturisers to pamper your skin. Think of it as the equivalent of treating yourself to a hot cocoa: it’s comforting, and you’d love to do it year-round, but you can’t really during the summer because, well, it’s too hot.

Before we dive into which products to use, however, here are some basic skin care tips to keep your skin clear, fresh, and hydrated:

Keep your water levels high. There are many ways to achieve this, all of which you should do as much as possible. Drink plenty of fluids, like water and fruit juices. Hydrate after a night of partying — alcohol drains water from your body. Stop smoking because not only is it bad for your lungs, it also dries out your skin.

Be gentle. Cleansing your face once a day is often enough. In fact, you can go two days without washing your face if you didn’t go out of the house and didn’t put on makeup.

Get enough rest. Yes, I know. It’s almost criminal to think of sleeping when you’ve got so much to do. Think of it as an investment: your brain and body are all you really have to achieve your goals, so you should take care of those.

And of course, moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Here are a few skin cocktails you should try.

Super Aqua SnailSuper Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream

Snails aren’t the most glamorous thing in the world — in fact, they’re actually a little gross, and probably the last thing you’ll want to put on your face. I’m all for trying anything once, however, and if there was ever a time to put snails on your face, this would be it.

This cream by Missha contains snail slime extract (yum) that calms the skin, evens your skin tone, and treats wrinkles and sag.

Do this at night, as it’s fairly heavy and shiny.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

The Korean obsession with skin and beauty is legendary: just consider the fact that a typical skin-care routine involves ten steps. The general rule is that your skin should be good enough to stand on its own, and that you should use as little makeup as possible so as not to cover it up.

Also for nighttime use, this cream is intensely hydrating and is especially good for stressed skin. Orange flower, sandalwood, and rose calm the skin while Hunza apricot and evening primrose brighten and purify.

La Prairie Sheer

La Prairie Caviar Luxe Cream in Sheer

The original formulation has been a best-seller for two decades, and for good reason: it works. Swiss scientists were fascinated by sturgeons’ ability to live for more than a hundred years, and were able to extract the vitamins and minerals that keep skin firm and healthy.

This new iteration is light enough for daytime use, which is important because race days are extremely action-packed.