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To dress like a winner at the races, ensure your suit is the perfect fit. To know what the perfect fit is, the designer of one of Australia’s leading menswear labels, Dom Bagnato, is well suited to assist.

Dom is constantly called upon to provide style tips for men. He has judged the Myer Fashions on the Field for almost two decades and has been invited by Geelong Racing Club to judge Fashions on the Field at the Geelong Cup on 21 October.  I am pleased to announce I will also be one of the judges alongside Dom Bagnato at this year’s Geelong Cup.

Dom has exceptional style credentials, here are his race wear tips.

“You do not want to see any lines, wrinkles, pulling or bunching on your jacket or trousers, anyone of these means the suit is too big or too small. Your movement should not be restricted at all”.

When you try on a suit, you’re looking for a good fit in what’s called your natural stance, where your stand up straight with your arms at your side, “ said Dom.

Here are further recommendations from Dom when buying a suit:


-The sleeve length, it should allow about half an inch of the shirt cuff to be visible beyond the jacket cuff.

-Bunching on the shoulder means the jacket is too big.

-When your button(s) is done up, there should be no lines or pulling on the button, these are a sign its too tight

-The length of the jacket is often overlooked. Have your hands relaxed at your side, the hem of the jacket should hit the middle of your hand.


-The trouser break is vital, it’s the small wrinkle caused when the top of your shoe stops your trouser cuff from falling to its full length. One horizontal crease is usually ideal.


-A polished lace-up shoes or brogues are perfect for the races

-Ensure your shoes and belt are the same colour

Shirt, Tie … the finer details

-It’s good to experiment with colour and pattern otherwise you’ll look as though you have dressed for the office

-If you are opting for a printed shirt, ensure your tie is more plain and vice versa

-Pocket Squares should feature elements of colour from your shirt or tie

-Tie pins highlight attention to detail, it will be noticed

The s/s Dom Bagnato collection features the key shapes and colours to get guys race ready with checks, micro weaves and textured plains appearing on cotton, wool and wool/linen blends. All is sourced from the finest mills in Italy.

The season’s featured colours include a palette of beautiful blues: slate, royal, teal and navy with mint, rose and orange shirting and ties adding dynamic colour highlights.

“Above all be daring,” said Dom.


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