11094477_410318102484060_158790532_nWith the beginning of Spring comes a hint of warmth in the air and an undeniable sense of great things to come. Melbourne is a wonderful city which really comes to life in Spring. There’s certainly no other place I’d rather be than the lush lawns of our world class racetracks, sipping on a glass of champagne and watching history unfold right before my eyes.

It’s exhilarating and sometimes also very nerve wrecking.  See, being married to a horse trainer I feel the pressure at times. You always hope for the best outcome on the day but like with anything else in life things can go wrong.  Horse can draw a wide barrier, lose a shoe mid race, have interference during the race or simply just have an off day!  You know how some days we can feel a bit blah, maybe they do too, except they have no way of conveying their message other than to perform below par.

Our stable has had some great success over the years.  Danny has trained some world class sprinters like Glamour Puss, Shamexpress and Star Witness.  He has also had outstanding success with middle distance champions Master O’Reilley, Douro Valley and let’s not forget the superstar Shamus Award who was the first maiden ever to win the Cox Plate.  For those of you asking what’s a maiden, a maiden is horse who has never won a prior race.

But it’s not all fun and games.  It involves a lot of hard work and dedication. Danny wakes up at 4am Monday to Saturday and he’s off to the track.  Some days he comes home over lunch and others he travels down to our farm in Barwon Heads.  It certainly keeps him busy!  I like to think we have a relatively normal lifestyle given Danny’s long and early hours.  We certainly don’t miss out on much!

In his spare time you will find Danny at our son’s soccer training twice a week.  Sunday mornings are no sleep in for him either.  Danny is out roaming the soccer field sidelines yelling out instructions to our seven year old.  Our daughter Grace has him wrapped around her little finger.  He’ll do anything for her including, early kinder pick ups and lunches mid week.

It’s certainly all systems go in our household, especially this time of the year.  It’s interesting though how some people think horse racing is seasonal. It’s not, it’s every day except Good Friday and Christmas Day.  So as Danny prepares his Spring hopefuls over the coming weeks, I will be dusting off my hats and sorting out my outfits (as well as running the household which all you mothers out there know is not a walk in the park).  After all a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do and that’s look good!

Tell me ladies how do you begin your Spring Carnival outfit search, do you buy the dress or the hat first?  I would love to hear your stories…



  • Linda says:

    I love your blog and I can’t wait to see your spring racing edits. Not all models have a stern eye for fashion like you do. I love going to the races but I never feel like I look the part. I’m a miss mash of colours and feathers. If I see a hat I love I buy it and sometimes find it difficult to match with an outfit or pick one colour out of the outfit to match with it?? Your autumn post was fabulous in that sense that i could work out which colours to match up.

    • Nina says:

      Thanks Linda! I am working on my Spring Racing edits at the moment. I will present a few different options for each day. You have the right idea there as far as putting an outfit together goes. Choosing a particular colour of either one of the pieces (hat or dress) to match is the way to go. Sometimes if you try too hard and do too matchy matchy it can often look too busy. I’m glad you found my Autumn edit useful. Thank you for your support. x

  • Susie says:

    Great article. I always find it hard to put together an outfit for the races. You make it look so easy!

    Love getting your tips and advice. Keep them coming.

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