I like to think I look after my skin well but there’s no doubt this bitter cold poses a problem for all of us. Due to humidity being low both in and outdoors my skin has been reaching peak dryness and my lines (yes I mean wrinkles) are becoming more prominent.  Now no woman deserves this, especially not coming into Spring racing season.

As I have mentioned previously in one of my posts I have been using DIBI Milano skincare.  This is a product I have been familiar with for many years and I find it works wonders for my skin.  Now I know the saying goes “beauty is not skin deep” but believe me you need to dig deep to fight those mean lines and wrinkes!

That’s where DIBI’s new Technological Anti-Age Nuovapelle steps in.  Nuovapelle is an anti-aging system that promotes the regeneration and rejuvenation of facial skin tissues using laser and bipolar capacitive radiofrequency.  The laser activates photobiostimulation, by far the most effective and efficient source of light which hits targeted skin with maximum depth and effectiveness.

Bipolar capacitive radiofrequency produces a rejuventaing action by releasing its energy in the epidermis on the area affected by wrinkles.  This in turn produces a lifting effect due to collagen bonds breaking and shortening, compacting the tissues.

nuova-pelle1Nuovapelle has recently landed in Australia and I am pleased to say code m skincare in Wallace Ave Toorak are offering tailored facials with Nuovapelle technology. The combination of the two technologies produces extraordinarily effective results, which are visible from the very first session.  I had my first session yesterday and the results were instantaneous!  Reduced appearance of wrinkles caused by sagging, no bags under my eyes, increase in brightness of my complexion and my face feels toned.

It was a completely non evasive treatment,  a warm light worked in circular motion over the face felt pleasant after I spent the morning outside in bitter cold.  I was able to walk out of the salon without a glimpse of make up.  My skin was radiant and I am pleased to say my skin is still glowing.  Optimal results they say are seen after a couple of weeks but I’m jumping out of my skin already.  I have booked another session in a fortnight!!

So ladies (and gentlemen) do yourself a favour and treat your skin this winter.  This is the perfect time to give your skin an extra boost!  Nuovapelle single session is priced at $299 but until the end of September code m is offering a package of 3 complete Nuovapelle treatments with a take home Lift Creator Eyelift Contour  Cream (RRP $109) for $849.  Each treatment is an hour and thirty minutes.

For bookings and enquiries get in touch with the friendly staff at code m on 9827 1331 or