We all know the importance of good looking hands and nails (cuticles included)! It seems however, many of us forget or run out of time to get to a salon. I want my nails to look amazing at all times so I often do a DIY manicure at home.

Before I start I make sure my nails are polish free. I use a pair of nail clippers to cut back my nails and a diamond nail file to shape them. I make my own hand scrub using coconut oil and brown sugar to soften and exfoliate my hands and nails. I work the scrub into each nail pushing back my cuticles as I go. I never cut my cuticles! They are there to protect the nail, it’s where the nail cells grow. I have walked away from too many salons where they cut the cuticle and moments later the skin around the bed of my nail becomes sore and inflamed, ouch!

Prior to applying nail polish, I always “squeak” wipe my nails using a cotton ball soaked in remover. This rids the nail of any dust or other naturally occurring oils that prevent nail polish from adhering.

Always use base coat! Yes it takes extra time but it will give your polish something to stick to and your nails won’t stain. When applying nail polish please don’t flood the cuticles with it! Start your nail painting with a stroke in the middle and then a stripe each side. For optimal results I do two coats of nail polish and a light coat of speed dry topcoat.

Here’s what I do though, I apply a fresh coat of topcoat every couple of days to prevent my nail polish from chipping and make my manicure last longer.

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  • Katherine says:

    I’m just going through your site & I love it! Such good advice on how to keep the mani looking amazing at all times! Thanks Nina! X

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